Swift Tree Care has been serving Marin County for more than 30 years and 120 seasons. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the proper tree care services all year round regardless of the weather or time of the year.

It is important, however, when thinking about seasonal tree care to take the weather patterns in to consideration. During the fall season it is important to trim any low hanging or heavy branches to not only ensure the safety of people but also the health of the tree. It is very important to trim or remove any heavy branches hanging over buildings to prevent structural damage before the rainy and windy winter season begins.

The winter season is when Swift Tree Care recommends planting new fruit trees, we do this annually after Christmas every year. Spring time is the best time to trim foliage and hedges to prepare for fresh growth, trimming trees during spring time also helps to ensure that a good amount of sun breaks through the canopy to not only help with proper photosynthesis but also to ensure that your property experiences sunlight during the warm season.

During the summer seasons in Marin County when plants are becoming dry it is very important to reduce excess brush and dry branches to eliminate the risk of fire.

Our trained professionals are dedicated to assessing and reducing the risk of vegetation on your personal or commercial property. Call us at 866-815-2525 for your seasonal tree care needs.